Data is the new oil like many will say, which is becoming increasing true owing to the fact that organizations both small and big have come to realize the important of data and what they can do with it. These data can be retrieve from many sources and in different format.
Having worked with multiple organizations that are data driven, I’ve come to realize that alot of organizations want to have their data synced in a central place, where it can be easily accessed. …

Hi welcome, If you are here, it means you either have a feature to implement in django that involves scheduling a periodic task to run automatically for a specific period of time or you just want to learn how to implement such feature incase you need it in the future. If that is the case, then you are in the right place.

Important things to note
1) I’m going to be running my code on ubuntu os
2) I’m assuming you have a basic understanding of django and django_rest

What are we building We will be building a very simple…

How to add user authentication feature into your Django Rest application.

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Before we start, I’m strongly assuming you have
1) Basic understanding of Python
2) Basic understanding of Django and have worked a bit with Django-rest-framework
3) Already have python installed on your laptop

If the above assumptions are correct, then lets proceed.

First of all what is Authentication and why would you need it when your are building either a web or mobile application?

Authentication is a basically a gateway into your application. Normally on a lot of websites out there, you would be allowed to access some kind…

Hey I will be showing you how you can implement CKEditor to your Django project in less than 5mins.

So recently i had need to implement a rich text editor in the admin panel of a project i was working on for a client as the default editor that comes with django wasn’t sufficient for my clients.

Default django admin TextField

After tangling with few text editors, i decided to use CKEditor for the project and after the implementation, it was really perfect for my clients need.

Baron Chibuikem

A fullstack software developer constantly building shit tone of things with python and javascript and occasionally do some writing.

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